Snapdragon getting in the car with powerful graphics

At CES, Qualcomm is showing off the incursion of its Snapdragon processor into in-car infotainment systems through a partnership with in-car software developer QNX.

Android and Apple won't dominate mobile forever

The global installed base of smartphones is expected to total 1.4 billion by the end of 2013, with 57% of handsets running on Android and 21% on iOS.

RIM pledges devotion to physical keyboards

If you're the kind of person who can't live without a real keyboard on your phone, then Blackberry is the brand for you.

QNX-equipped Porsche picks up a few new tricks with AT&T's Watson

We recently discussed a Porsche 911 convertible that was fully equipped with RIM QNX technology.

New Blackberry picture leaked

This is what the next generation of Blackberry smartphones will apparently look like.

In-Porsche concept uses QNX

Research in Motion is looking at new ways to stay relevant in a world where there's little room for Blackberry phones.

Playbook update revealed, but no one cares

Research in Motion chose CES to be the launching pad for the new version of its Playbook tablet OS.

AT&T wants Watson in your car

AT&T  is working with partners to bring its Watson speech engine to connected vehicles.

Tech titans reportedly mull RIM bids

There have apparently been a few major companies that have voiced interest in acquiring fledgling Blackberry maker Research in Motion.

RIM pushes back new Blackberry platform

If you needed to see another nail in Research in Motion's coffin, how about news that the company is delaying its big software upgrade?

All is not well at RIM

Research in Motion (RIM) has confirmed that lackluster PlayBook tablet sales forced the company to take a $485 million charge.

Two new Blackberries generate little hype

Research in Motion has just unveiled two new phones powered by its latest Blackberry 7 software, but unlike Android and iPhone announcements these days, we're left wondering "Who cares?"

BlackBerry announces new BBX OS

Research In Motion's announced its next operating platform for the BlackBerry, BBX, which it hopes will help it fight off competition from Apple and Android - and perhaps distract attention from last week's massive service outage.

Blackberry Playbook price drops

It's usually not a good sign when retailers cut the price of a gadget that hasn't received an official price cut from the manufacturer.

T-Mobile's new Blackberry is just $80

It seems Blackberry may still have one edge over iPhones and Androids - they're cheaper.

Analyst says iPad will be dethroned in 2014

Analyst group Gartner says the iPad will be the #1 tablet through 2014 but isn't clear what platform will take its place.

New Blackberry phone hitting T-Mobile August 31

The Blackberry smartphone brand will finally be revived at the end of the month.

Sprint kills 4G Playbook plans

This is not good news for the fate of the Blackberry brand. The one device that seemed to bring a shimmer of hope back to Blackberry and company Research in Motion, just lost a big supporter.

Meet Colt, the first QNX Blackberry phone

What you are looking at here is what could very well be Research in Motion's last chance to prove its relevance in the smartphone market.

RIM announces two new versions of Blackberry Torch

Research in Motion has just lifted the veil on two new versions of its most recent Blackberry phone.