How Python became the language of choice for data science

Nowadays Python is probably the programming language of choice (besides R) for data scientists for prototyping, visualization, and running data analyses on small and medium sized data sets. And rightly so, I think, given the large number of available tools (just look at the list at the top of this article).However, it wasn’t always like this. In fact, when I started working on my Ph.D. back in 2000 virtually everyone was using matlab for this. And again, rightly so.

Code Wars: PHP vs Ruby vs Python

Ah, when programmers collide, or just compare notes, or just hang out. Because they don't like to fight. Or do war. They don't look good mud wrestling either so, that's out. Maybe a really cool infographic will settle things, once and for all.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi-A-Sketch

Modder Francois Dion created the Raspberry-Pi-a-Sketch with a little help from Python after attending a session at PyPTUG (the PYthon Piedmont Triad User Group) about motors.

Record-breaking python highlights invasive species fears

Florida has long had the world's worst problem with invasive species - and a new find marks one of the most worrying examples yet.