There's still a future for photovoltaic installs

Pessimistic forecasts for photovoltaic energy are overly negative, according to a survey. IHS said that despite these forecasts, PV installations will continue to grow at a double number rate and that will represent more than 35 gigawatts this year.

Photovoltaic wars show Japan gets a boost

A market research firm said Japan is set to overtake both Japan and the USA in the installation of photovoltaic (PV) capacity.

Google invests in Californian solar energy projects

Google's continuing to pump money into clean energy, investing $94 million in four solar photovoltaic facilities near Sacramento.

Himalayas and Antarctic could be best places for solar power

It's natural, perhaps, to associate solar power with the hot places of the world.

Device screens act as solar chargers

Soon, devices such as phones and laptops could charge themselves thanks to displays that double as solar cells.