Don't be bullied by the Google monster

Opinion Does being the Jack of all Trades and the master of none apply to Google? I fear so. Having oodles of cash has tempted Google into all manner of strange ventures but it’s pretty clear that some of its wacky ideas are way off kilter.

PlayStation: The Official Magazine goes under

If you're a fan of the Sony PlayStation game consoles, you may have (had) a subscription to PlayStation: The Official Magazine (PSM).

Full metal publishing

Quality books written about metal used to be a rarity on store shelves. 

Fortunately, the shortage has abated in recent years, buyoed by Keith Richards's tell-all autobiography.

Can Steve Jobs keep the book biz strong?

Everything's been hit hard with the economy going down, including the book business, but there's been a major saving grace lately: the biography of Steve Jobs.

Unauthorized autobiography (sic) of Julian Assange appears

Unauthorized biographies are one thing - but unauthorized autobiographies? Still, that's what Canongate Books is publishing today, with its new book about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Publishers create one-stop online bookstore

When you want to buy a paper book, you generally visit a bookstore - without having to know which book you want in advance, and which publisher has issued it.

Geezer magazines on iPad = Disaster

Wired is on the iPad. So what? iPadifying your publication just cheapens a product that has difficulty staying relevant.