Do mobile phones lead to 'digital dementia'?

Tom Stafford, a lecturer in Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of Sheffield in England, gives his take on the rapidly changing mobile mind.

Rethinking artificial intelligence

In the 1800s, intelligence was typically associated with the ability to memorize facts and formulas. Today, intelligence is measured via IQ tests, with the average individual weighing in at about 100.

Study - doorways may cause memory lapses

Have you ever walked into a room and forgot what you were doing? It turns out there may be a psychological reason for this mini-mental breakdown everyone is somewhat familiar with.

Claim: Happiness can discourage teen crime

People have always wondered what society can do to discourage criminal activity. Well, it turns out that all you have to do to fight crime is spread happiness.

Is social media good or bad for kids?

As you probably already know, social networking can be either good or bad for kids. But if you secretly conduct preventive surveillance over your child’s social media, you might be wasting your time.

Research says religion helps traumatic brain injury victims

Hardcore non-believers won’t like this one. New research shows that religion has a real world use for traumatic brain injury victims.

Is Facebook making us miserable?

Miserable people consistently underestimate how miserable everyone else on the planet is, and therefore feel more miserable. The main reason for feeling crappy? Facebook, of course.

Program mimics human creativity

A cognitive science professor and his team say they've applied a new psychology theory to create a computer program that can mimic creative human problem solving.

Bees help clarify nature, nurture debate

It seems as if bees are aiding scientists in their quests to solve the great mysteries of life. Recently bees have helped scientists gain more insight into the great nature-nurture debate.

Never give a chimp a short pint

Chimps can tell the difference between different volumes of liquid, even when the bartender hides his actions.