Bates Motel is a ratings winner

You would think no one would want to check into the Bates Motel, but millions apparently have for the show’s debut, and it’s even garnered decent reviews as well.

From Psycho to Anvil

As a long time horror fan, I’m quite interested in the new biopic of master filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, which is simply titled Hitchcock.

The Making of Psycho headed to theaters

It’s often said that what goes on behind the scenes of a movie can be much more fascinating than the film itself. 

Will Psycho work on TV?

It's actually been done on TV before, but apparently A&E is ready to check back into the Bates Motel again with Bates Motel (clever title, eh?). 

What's so scary?

It's a question horror film directors hate as much as musicians dislike being asked, "What are your influences?"

How Hollywood keeps its secrets

It's hard to imagine how Alfred Hitchcock would have dealt with the Internet.