Sony puts the PSPgo out of its misery

The sleekest yet also most misguided handheld system on the market is no more.

PSPgo reportedly to be slashed to $199, will anyone care?

Sony will apparently cut the price of its PSPgo system, by far the least successful version of its portable game system. But even at a cheaper price point gamers will likely have difficulty justifying the purchase.

Panasonic wants you to ditch your PSPgo and DSi

Panasonic wants the masses to ditch conventional handheld consoles like the PSPgo and DSi. The future - Panasonic believes - lies in a "device concept" specifically geared for online gaming.

Sony blatantly rejects rumors of Playstation-branded phone

High-flying rumors that Sony was working on a "PSP phone" have been put to rest by Sony, sort of...

Sony admits PSPgo was confusing, too expensive

In a recent interview, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) SVP of publisher relations admitted that the company's slim and digital-download-only PSPgo device did "confuse" consumers and "the higher price point didn't help matters".