Sony promises PSP successor NGP by the end of the year

Sony's ready for its next push in the handheld gaming market. It's announced that its Next Generation Portable (NGP) - aka the PSP 2 - will be out by the end of the year, and says it plans to offer PlayStation games on a range of devices including Android phones.

January 27 Sony event may reveal PSP2

Just over one week after Nintendo held its event to announce the US launch details of the 3DS, it looks like Sony will have its own show to reveal its successor to the PSP.

Leaked PlayStation phone photos really whet the appetite

So, we didn't hear a single darn official word about the so-called "PlayStation phone" at CES, but it just so happens that during the week of the biggest trade show in the world, someone happened to post a whole bunch of photos of the device, and even a video.

As expected, no PlayStation phone at CES

Anyone hoping to get a last-minute surprise with Sony's "PlayStation phone" at the Consumer Electronics show will be sorely disappointed.

More Square Enix classics coming to PS3

After exhausting the library of PSOne Final Fantasy games, Square Enix is digging deeper into its catalog to bring more of its classic titles from yesteryear to the PS3 and PSP.

Sony teases next-gen PSP details

Sony gaming chief Kazuo Hirai has hinted that the next-gen Playstation Portable (PSP) will likely feature a touch-screen interface along with conventional gaming buttons and analog sticks.

Will we see the PlayStation phone at CES? Signs points to no

CES. It's the world's launching pad for everything cool and noteworthy in the technology industry. But Sony seems to already have enough on its plate as it is, so it will not be showing off a PlayStation-centric mobile phone as many had hoped.

Super clear video of alleged PlayStation phone let loose

As rumors of an upcoming "PlayStation phone" hit a fever pitch, there's now a new video posted online that shows a clear, succinct look at the device in action.

PlayStation phone speculation continues to grow

Rumors of a PlayStation-branded smartphone from Sony Ericsson have appeared to reach a fever pitch, as the company's mobile division head has come forward with a cryptic message to all but confirm the existence of the project.

Playstation Phone rumors re-surface. This time with pictures

Just in time for the holidays, the idea of a Playstation-branded mobile phone has come back to light with a new prototype image that has apparently surfaced.

PSPgo reportedly to be slashed to $199, will anyone care?

Sony will apparently cut the price of its PSPgo system, by far the least successful version of its portable game system. But even at a cheaper price point gamers will likely have difficulty justifying the purchase.

Sony blatantly rejects rumors of Playstation-branded phone

High-flying rumors that Sony was working on a "PSP phone" have been put to rest by Sony, sort of...

Sony explains "Marcus Rivers" ad campaign

You've probably all seen the latest PSP commercials with 12-year-old actor Bobb'e J. Thompson, known as the character Marcus Rivers. The goal is apparently to attract much, much younger gamers than the PSP's original late-20s demographic.

Is Sony designing an Android-powered PSP smartphone?

Sony is reportedly prepping an Android-powered PSP gaming smartphone that could launch as early as October 2010.

New God of War in the works for PSP

After God of War III helped place the PS3 back on a pedestal last month, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) is now working on a new entry to the God of War PSP series.

Bikinis, boobs and beaches. Welcome to Paradise!

Do you like to watch scantily clad women in bikinis sexily frolicking on a pristine beach? Well, yes, who doesn't?  

Ubisoft will no longer print video game manuals

Something will feel different when you open that video game box later this year if it's a Ubisoft product: that little instruction booklet that has become a staple of the industry won't be there.

There are 220 million game systems in US homes

The number of game consoles and handheld systems in the US now accounts for nearly three-fourths of the population, with 220 million devices connected across the country.

Green PSP to launch with Metal Gear pack

A new limited-edition Green PSP will be coming out in North America this June, as a special bundle with the anticipated Metal Gear Solid PSP game.

Sony to take on Apple with Playstation smartphone

Sony is reportedly preparing to challenge Apple with a new line of handheld products, including a smartphone capable of running Playstation games.