Sony hires former US Homeland Security official

Sony of all companies could use a technological security overhaul, and it just hired someone who might be able to do that.

Sony opens casting call for The Tester 3

Wannabe game testers, get your cell phone camcorders ready because Sony is casting for a new season of The Tester.

Sony wins Pwnie Award for Most Epic Fail

Even though it came from the most noteworthy security conference in the country, it's a distinction most companies would probably rather avoid.

Sony insurer doesn't want to pay for PSN-gate

A company that promised insurance to Sony if it encountered various losses or damages says it wants immunity from responsibility for the PSN hack scandal.

Sony exec calls PSN-gate a "great experience"

Even though it cost Sony billions of dollars and put unsuspecting publishers in a financial tailspin, one company exec is calling the PSN hacking episode a "great experience."

New videos of Sony's Playstation tablets pop up

There are new videos showing off what will be the world's first "Playstation certified" tablets.

Sony faces lawsuit over PS3 hack

Sony may have restored access to the online Playstation Network, but this story is not quite over.

Sega says 1.3 million affected by data breach

The hack that took down Sega's online gaming service late last week has affected 1.3 million customers.

Playstation Store is finally back online

The last part of Sony's online Playstation services has finally been restored.

Sony promises all PSN services back up 'this week'

About a month and a half after it first pulled the plug on the Playstation Network, Sony says all services will finally be back online.

Playstation Network to be restored in Asia tomorrow

Following a moderately successful relaunch of the Playstation Network in the US, Sony is ready to do the same in Asia.

Sony Ericsson website becomes the latest hacking victim

The saga of Sony hacks continues, this time targeting the company's mobile phone unit.

Playstation Store still offline

Sony did not restore access to the Playstation Store digital storefront as expected yesterday.

PS3 Playstation Store likely to be back online tonight

More than one month after Sony had to shut it down over hacking concerns, the Playstation Store may be relaunched today.

Playstation Store rumored for May 24 relaunch

Sony is reportedly planning on bringing its PS3 digital download store next week.

Sony details PS3 "Welcome Back" freebies, not yet available

Sony will compensate users who were affected by the massive PS3 online outage, but not just yet.

PS3 online service restoration begins in earnest

Three and a half weeks after Sony first pulled the plug on all PS3 and PSP online services, players are (slowly) starting to get back in the game.

Sony outage spurs PS3 returns

Many customers have become so frustrated with the massive PS3 online service outage that they've gotten rid of the console altogether.

Sony letter to PS3 publishers gets leaked

If you've been frustrated with Sony's lack of communication over the PS3 online outage, you're not alone.

Capcom says PS3 outage will cost it millions

While this whole PS3 online failure thing has hit Sony hard, it's also having an effect on other companies' bottom lines.