Playstation Store gets a facelift

Sony took down the Playstation Store yesterday to work on its massive graphical overhaul.

Resident Evil 6 PS3 patch on the way

Capcom is working on a fix to Resident Evil 6.

PS3 offers $20 Playstation Store promotion

If you spend $100 on digital Playstation goods this month, you'll get $20 back.

Sony announces Day 1 Digital for PSN

Sony has announced a new digital content platform for its online Playstation Network (PSN) which is slated to go live on October 2.

Sony solidifies Vita/PS3 crossplay strategy

Sony has confirmed that several titles coming out in the fall will be playable on both the PS3 and the Playstation Vita.

Gamestop mulls selling "used" digital games


Anime streaming services coming to PS3

More good news from Comic-Con if you're a PS3-owning anime fan.

Sony will buy cloud gaming service Gaikai

Sony's presence in the world of cloud gaming is about to explode.

PS3 owners buy the most digital content

More than 15% of PS3 owners have paid for a piece of digital content on their console.

PS3 ebook platform coming soon: rumor

Would you pay for ebooks if you could read them on your TV from your PS3?

Playstation Network to be down all day

Sony has scheduled maintenance for its online network today.

PS3 'pre-loading' service coming soon

Playing a game on launch day could soon be as easy as turning on your TV.

PS3 online game Dust 514 asks for beta testers

The ambitious game Dust 514 is seeking new people to sign up for its online beta.

PS One Classics coming to PS Vita

Despite a seeming lack of interest in backward compatibility for Sony, it still loves its PS One library.

Sony teases free Playstation Vita apps

Sony is teasing a few new reasons for you to go out and buy a Playstation Vita.

PSN down all day for maintenance

If your plans for today involve a session on the PlayStation Network, you'd better think again. The PSN is set to be down for thirteen hours today for routine maintenance.

Sony boasts 90 million PSN accounts

Tens of millions of people have taken their PS3, PSP, or Playstation Vita online.

Playstation Network becomes Sony Entertainment Network

On February 8, the PSN will transform into the SEN.

Federal judge dismisses PS3 Linux claims

A federal judge has unceremoniously dismissed all remaining claims that Sony reneged on its promise to allow Playstation 3 video game consoles to function as full-fledged computers.

Sony says its anti-consumer TOS is like AT&T

Sony is justifying its new "no sure" clause in the Playstation Network terms of service by saying that AT&T did the same thing.