PS4 rumors abound

Thanks to a couple of apparent leaks, we're getting some new details about what Sony's next console might offer.

Developer says Wii U on par with Xbox 360 and PS3

Game developer Vigil is saying that the Wii U has accomplished what the Wii should have from day one.

A rumored first-look at PS4, Xbox 720 graphics

There are some amazing pictures circulating that depict what is claimed to be in-game footage from the PS4 and Xbox 720.

Sony exec says PS4 will not be at E3

Sony is officially quashing rumors that the next Playstation home console will be unveiled at this year's E3 event.

New rumor suggests PS4, Xbox 720 at E3

The latest scuttlebutt about the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 is sparking excitement that this year's E3 could be the "biggest ever."

Report: Sony ready to kick off PS4 production

Sony will reportedly begin production of its next-gen PlayStation 4 console by the end of 2011.