Sony reportedly wants to be a virtual cable provider

No doubt in response to Microsoft's pending Xbox 360 update, Sony is now angling to get live TV content available to stream through the PS3.

Sony updates Music Unlimited

A huge update was just released for Sony's flagship music streaming service known as Music Unlimited.

12% of Americans stream video through PS3, Xbox 360

A stunning 15 million households in the US stream online content to their TV by way of a game console, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics.

Study: Majority of "gamers" don't buy games

While the video game industry continues to sweep in mountains of money, it's only collecting that money from about half of the people who consider themselves gamers.

Lifetime PS3 sales close in on Xbox 360

Sony mantra since launching the PS3 five years ago has been that the console war is a marathon, not a sprint, and the latest sales numbers show it may have known what it was talking about.

Playstation Home gets a makeover, again

It's time for another episode of Extreme Makeover: Playstation Home Edition.

Xbox 360 failure rate is twice that of Wii, PS3

The number of people who need to send in their Xbox 360 system for repairs is more than double that of its competitors, despite improvements to the platform that were supposed to fix these issues.

63% of PS3 owners want a Vita

It appears Playstation fans are loyal fans indeed, as nearly two-thirds of existing PS3 users are planning on purchasing the new Vita handheld after it launches early next year.

Playstation-branded 3D TV comes 11/13

Gamers who want an affordable way to experience the 3D content available on their PS3 and other devices will have the solution they've been looking for on November 13.

Sony plans PS3 bundles for Black Friday

There are some new leaked photos hitting the Internet that show what are reportedly new bundles that Sony plans to launch on Black Friday to spur PS3 holiday sales.

PC gaming is dead, even id says so

If you've been following the video game industry at all over the last several years, you've probably heard that PC gaming is a dying breed, but when this company says it, you need to listen.

Long Islanders, Texans spend most on gaming

An intriguing new study looked at where the most per capita video game spending took place, and ended up with some surprising results.

Sony to re-release more PS2 games on PS3

Sony plans to offer several more PS2 titles available as downloadable games for the PS3.

A new way to browse movies on PS3

In case you weren't aware, there are thousands of movies and TV shows available to rent or buy from the PS3, and now there's an easier way to search through them.

Sony says its anti-consumer TOS is like AT&T

Sony is justifying its new "no sure" clause in the Playstation Network terms of service by saying that AT&T did the same thing.

DC Universe Online to scrap monthly fee

 One of the most popular online role-playing games will soon be free to play for the first time.

Sony apologizes for PS3 NFL streaming flub

It wasn't a great game day for PS3 users who signed up for the console's unprecedented live streaming NFL subscription package.

Sony hires former US Homeland Security official

Sony of all companies could use a technological security overhaul, and it just hired someone who might be able to do that.

EA head already pessimistic about PS4

The man at the top of one of the biggest third-party game publishers is already talking about next-gen consoles, and not in a good way.

Playstation-branded 3D TV now up for pre-orders

Sony's flagship Playstation-branded 3D TV is now available for consumers to pre-order.