Major League Gaming more popular than ever

Professional video gaming in the US continues to gain traction.

E3 2012 leaves us confused about the future

What was the main takeaway from this year's E3? That would depend on who you asked.

E3 2013 might not be in Los Angeles

There might be a radical change in one of the biggest trade shows in the technology world.

Gamestop partners with Sony for PS3 DLC deal

Gamestop is working hard to ensure it doesn't get lost in the gaming industry's push to digital distribution.

A closer look at Sony's All Stars Battle Royale

Sony is showcasing its All Stars Battle Royale game at E3 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony at E3 is all about games

There was a markedly different tone between Sony and Microsoft during yesterday's pre-E3 media events.

Sony intros augmented reality books for PS3

Sony thinks it has discovered the next step forward in books.

Rumor: PS3 to stream PS1, PS2 games

Bolstering an earlier rumor, there are now new reports that the PS3 will soon offer nearly all PS1 and PS2 games.

Battlefield 3 may have Call of Duty Elite-like $50 service

It seems like Battlefield 3 may soon encourage players to pay monthly fees to play the game online.

Doom 3 BFG Edition gets a big bleeping trailer

Yes, it's coming.

PS3 ebook platform coming soon: rumor

Would you pay for ebooks if you could read them on your TV from your PS3?

Sony to open E3 press conference doors to the masses

If you don't work in video game journalism, you can still go to the Sony pre-E3 press conference.

ESA says this E3 may be the best one "in a long time"

Here's what the organizer of E3 has to say about next month's event.

Playstation Network to be down all day

Sony has scheduled maintenance for its online network today.

Xcom: Enemy Unknown has an unknown launch date

2K Games's re-imagining of a classic 1994 video game as due out in stores in October.

Legal documents expose Xbox 720 in Q4 2013

For the most part, gamer fanboys don't have much to get excited about when it comes to court documents about third-party company partnerships.

Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer goes live

Remember the good old days when an action-packed alien flick actually meant something?

PS3 'pre-loading' service coming soon

Playing a game on launch day could soon be as easy as turning on your TV.

PS3 online game Dust 514 asks for beta testers

The ambitious game Dust 514 is seeking new people to sign up for its online beta.

Unreal Engine 4 poised to blow minds

Epic Games has been hard at work creating the next evolution in its always-popular Unreal Engine platform.