New characters for Sony's 'Battle Royale' at Comic-Con

The teases keep heating up for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

New slim PS3 pictures leaked

There is even more evidence that a PS3 redesign is on the way.

Anime streaming services coming to PS3

More good news from Comic-Con if you're a PS3-owning anime fan.

Next Assassin's Creed game may go back in time

The next version of Assassin's Creed may delve even deeper back in history.

Ouya isn't the disruptive console it's been hyped to be

The video game landscape is changing, but Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo need not worry about a competitor like Ouya.

Will Wright: console business guys "running scared"

Legendary game designer Will Wright says he sees a sense of paranoia among those in the traditional console gaming business.

Angry Birds head to consoles

Angry Birds is ready to spread its wings.

MLB 12 The Show predicts 2012 all-star game

The PS3 game MLB 12 The Show predicts that the National League All-Stars will win the 2012 All-Star Game.

Android-powered Ouya console is official

A sub-$100 video game console is in the works.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will not have female characters

This is sure to strike at least a modicum of controversy.

"Super slim" PS3 appears to be on the way

The PS4 may be even further down the road as it appears Sony is working on a new PS3.

EA has "100% digital" strategy

Do you believe in a world where you won't be able to go to the store and pick up the latest version of Madden?

PS4 apparently in development since 2010

An online resume of a former Sony employee sheds new light on the company's next home console.

Sony will buy cloud gaming service Gaikai

Sony's presence in the world of cloud gaming is about to explode.

PS3 owners buy the most digital content

More than 15% of PS3 owners have paid for a piece of digital content on their console.

Walking Dead video game gets new episode

The second installment in Telltale's serial Walking Dead game will go live on Friday.

Thatgamecompany brings PS3 collection to retail

A trio of downloadable PS3 titles will be making their way to retail stores for the first time.

PS3 firmware goes to version 4.2

It's that time again.

Sony says PS4 will offer "significant" enhancements

Sony is unequivocal in its assertions that the PS3 is still the best console that it can make.

Claim: There will be no PS5, Xbox 7202, or Wii U 2

If you think that video game consoles as we know them are on the way out, at least one visionary shares the same thought.