Call of Duty dev confident it can stop hacker-gate

Anyone with a PS3 version of the latest Call of Duty games has come face-to-face with a harsh truth: people cheat. But unfortunately, unlike the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the same games, the developer's safeguards to keep the online servers free from these cheaters isn't exactly working.

Duke Nukem Forever coming out in May

It took what seems like "forever" for the game to come out, but Duke Nukem Forever has finally been slated with a release window.

Final Fantasy XIII sequel becomes official

Square Enix has just confirmed that it will be releasing a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, about one year from now, in winter 2012.

Judge wonders why PS3 hacker is in her courtroom

US District Judge Susan Illston is unsure why talented PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz is being tried in sunny California.

Sony starts legal fight against PS3 hackers

Sony has asked for a restraining order against the hackers who published a jailbreak for the PlayStation 3, freeing it up to run unauthorized games.

The future of mobile processors coming this year

How cliche would it sound to say the future is here? Regardless of our inability to come up with something more clever to say, Qualcomm's next-gen Snapdragon processors are anything but stale.

Sony more obsessed with 3D than ever

A lot of companies have 3D fever these days, but few can match the ferver and sheer breadth of 3D material available from Sony at this year's CES expo.

More Square Enix classics coming to PS3

After exhausting the library of PSOne Final Fantasy games, Square Enix is digging deeper into its catalog to bring more of its classic titles from yesteryear to the PS3 and PSP.

Alleged hack cracks PS3 master key

At this week's Chaos Communication Conference, a group of hackers known as fail0verflow appeared to crack the PS3's randomized key cryptography and access the system's master code.

Epic Mickey rumored to lose Wii exclusivity

One of the biggest trends in this generation of gaming consoles is that the idea of third-party games being exclusive to one console is becoming a thing of the past. Case in point - Epic Mickey.

When will Sony's PlayStation Network stop bleeding money?

The PS3's online service is completely free. So how does it make money? It doesn't. But now, thanks to some new decisions from Sony, it may actually be able to start turning a profit.

Analyst: Wii 2 tech won't be anything special

Nintendo's performance in this console life cycle can be summed up pretty adequately with these two words: roller coaster. Everyone's curious about where the company will go next, and at least one analyst thinks it won't go above and beyond.

Did Sony plant a fake contestant into "The Tester"?

After yesterday's episode of the PlayStation Network reality series The Tester, rumblings are beginning to surface that the big, obnoxious, drama-inducing contestant Big Fazeek wasn't who he appeared to be. NOTE: Spoiler Alert

Independent game developer sees no difference in Kinect vs Move

So, if you listened to everything Microsoft said about Kinect compared to everything Sony said about PlayStation Move, you'd think they were radically different, diametrically opposing pieces of technology. But when we turn to an actual game developer, the story is much different.

Sony shows "checklist" of what's done in LittleBigPlanet 2

Those wishing to play around with LittleBigPlanet 2 this Christmas are gonna have to wait a bit longer as the game missed its holiday release projection.

Battlefield game gives away free DLC, with a catch

Developer DICE has put a little something extra in the new Vietnam add-on to the multi-platform video game Battlefield: Bad Company 2. But you'll only be able to get it if other gamers want it as much as you. It'll be automatically unlocked once a certain milestone of online activity has been reached.

Sony sells more than 4 million PlayStation Moves

It is certainly a strong holiday season for gaming, and the new motion controllers are right at the front of it all. Microsoft just announced it has sold 2.5 million Kinect cameras for the Xbox 360, and now Sony is touting its latest number for the PlayStation Move - 4.1 million.

Review: Gran Turismo 5 worth the wait

So, racing fans have been sitting around for five years, hearing the occasional Gran Turismo update, taking it in and then just filing it away. It's almost as though we became conditioned to think of Gran Turismo 5 as nothing more than a concept, a vision with no end product.

Gran Turismo 5 is a sales juggernaut in UK

Gran Turismo 5 has dethroned Call of Duty: Black Ops from the top spot of the UK's weekly game sales lists, as the insanely-long-time-developed game begins its run to actually becoming profitable.

Move over, Tickle Me Elmo. Kids want iPads this year

They can barely read, but kids as young as six years old are already getting iPad fever. It's the most-wanted consumer electronic gift among the very young demographic.