PS3 Playstation Store likely to be back online tonight

More than one month after Sony had to shut it down over hacking concerns, the Playstation Store may be relaunched today.

PSP titles getting remade in HD for PS3

Good news if you have a favorite PSP game or two and have unfulfilled dreams of what they'd look like on the big screen.

Playstation Store rumored for May 24 relaunch

Sony is reportedly planning on bringing its PS3 digital download store next week.

LA Noire used to be a six-disc Xbox 360 game

The ambitious open-ended adventure game LA Noire is quite a huge title.

Sony details PS3 "Welcome Back" freebies, not yet available

Sony will compensate users who were affected by the massive PS3 online outage, but not just yet.

PS3 online service restoration begins in earnest

Three and a half weeks after Sony first pulled the plug on all PS3 and PSP online services, players are (slowly) starting to get back in the game.

Sony outage spurs PS3 returns

Many customers have become so frustrated with the massive PS3 online service outage that they've gotten rid of the console altogether.

Sony letter to PS3 publishers gets leaked

If you've been frustrated with Sony's lack of communication over the PS3 online outage, you're not alone.

Capcom says PS3 outage will cost it millions

While this whole PS3 online failure thing has hit Sony hard, it's also having an effect on other companies' bottom lines.

Report: PS3 online gaming to return in a "couple days"

The light at the end of the tunnel may be approaching soon.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer issues statement on PSN ordeal

The man in charge of the entire Sony corporation has stepped forward to apologize.

'Other OS' feature unofficially comes back to PS3

In a twist of irony, hackers have managed to restore the 'Install Other OS' feature to the PS3.

Massive investigation underway in PSN hack case

Sony, private investigators, and the FBI are all looking into who hacked the Playstation Network.

Sony clarifies SOE shutdown wasn't a second attack

A new threat that caused Sony to shut down its online gaming division services was not a separate attack.

PS3 online services slowly being restored

The huge, long-running outage to the Playstation Network may be coming to an end.

Sony will compensate users for PSN outage

Yes, Sony will offer PS3 users some sort of compensation for the long-running outage of the console's online service.

Redbox drastically increasing game rental presence

Redbox rental kiosks around the country will soon be stocking video games.

George Hotz comments on the PSN debacle

The PS3 hacker who may have been the reason for Sony's recent headache has chimed in.

Sony admits some PSN data was unencrypted

The ongoing saga of Sony's massive data hack continues, and not in a good way for Sony.

Sony justifies delayed PS3 sensitive data theft warning

There's a reason Sony waited several days to tell PSN users their data was compromised.