The average gamer is now 37-years-old

The Entertainment Software Association has just released its annual report.

Playstation Network finally coming back in Japan

After a rough two and a half months, Japanese gamers will soon finally be able to return to the PS3's online gaming service.

ESA spent $1.1 million in lobbying in Q1

The industry trade group representing the video game trade spent more than $1 million in lobbying in the first quarter of this year.

Microsoft maintains "wait and see" 3D strategy

Microsoft is understandably maintaining a "wait and see" attitude towards 3D gaming.

Sony faces lawsuit over PS3 hack

Sony may have restored access to the online Playstation Network, but this story is not quite over.

Facebook reportedly hires PS3 hacker George Hotz

George Hotz, the man who gained international fame after being sued by Sony, may have a new gig.

There's a new PS3 in the works

Sony is preparing to launch a new version of the PS3.

PS3 users get 6 months of Music Unlimited

Sony is giving a gift to users who haven't yet signed up for Music Unlimited.

Uncharted 3 thins the line between game and movie

When the PS3 was first announced in 2005, Sony promised to make games look and feel more like movies.

Meet Sony's new experimental PS3 "game"

It's not often we can see someone play a game for 30 minutes and still have no idea what's happening.

Sony gets booed at NGP AT&T announcement

Sony spent the first part of its pre-E3 press conference in damage control mode, but it was another announcement that caused the biggest crowd reaction.

Mass Effect 3 coming March 6, 2012

Electronic Arts has confirmed a release date for the anticipated Mass Effect sequel.

New consoles, surprises, and damage control await at E3

Next week kicks off one of the biggest video game events in the world.

Sony will stream E3 press conference live in Home

Just a couple weeks after it restored access to its online community, Sony will be pulling off a pretty cool online stunt on the PS3.

Playstation Store is finally back online

The last part of Sony's online Playstation services has finally been restored.

Sony promises all PSN services back up 'this week'

About a month and a half after it first pulled the plug on the Playstation Network, Sony says all services will finally be back online.

Rumor: Sony cuts NGP specs in response to 3DS

Sony has reportedly scaled back the power of its upcoming handheld system after Nintendo's 3DS has failed to meet sales expectations.

Playstation Network to be restored in Asia tomorrow

Following a moderately successful relaunch of the Playstation Network in the US, Sony is ready to do the same in Asia.

Sony Ericsson website becomes the latest hacking victim

The saga of Sony hacks continues, this time targeting the company's mobile phone unit.

Playstation Store still offline

Sony did not restore access to the Playstation Store digital storefront as expected yesterday.