Cable companies working on cloud gaming

If game consoles want to take on cable companies, then cable companies want to take on game consoles.

Sony affirms PS3 support until 2015

Sony is assuring gamers that it will make good on its promise to give the PS3 a life of at least 10 years.

Peter Molyneux wants more new IP

Video game pioneer Peter Molyneux thinks that the industry has become lazy.

Nvidia exec says consoles will die

Nvidia exec Phil Eisler says the next generation of consoles may very well be the last, as he believes cloud-based gaming is poised to supplant traditional console systems.

Xbox 360 holiday bundles to compete with Wii U, PS3

Microsoft is gearing up to compete against the new PS3 and the Wii U for holiday sales.

Sony explains lack of 12 GB PS3 in US

Apparently consumers in the US are just too good for a low-capacity PS3.

New, slimmer PS3 officially revealed

Sony will try to steal some of Nintendo's thunder this holiday season with a new version of the PS3.

Skyrim Hearthfire DLC headed to the PS3 and PC?

Update 12:45PM EST:  Despite an earlier report that Skyrim Hearthfire is headed to other platforms besides the Xbox 360, Bethesda is apparently still not ready to commit to the PS3 and PC for the DLC. 

Rumored 'super slim' PS3 may be revealed next week

The second major hardware redesign of the PS3 could become official next week.

Hulu updates PS3 app

There's a new face for Hulu Plus on the PS3.

Sony has been working with Bethesda on Skyrim

Sony has had an active hand in getting Skyrim's DLC working on the PS3.

JK Rowling's digital PS3 book due November 13

JK Rowling's first big presence in the video game world will be ready just in time for the holidays.

Total number of US gamers has declined

Although it seems impossible, the number of Americans playing video games has declined from last year.

EA: Don't expect new IP on PS3, Xbox 360

If you were hoping for a brand new Electronic Arts franchise, don't hold your breath.

New Metal Gear Solid makes US debut

Konami has unveiled the next chapter in the epic Metal Gear Solid franchise, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

PS3 version of Skyrim Dawnguard in trouble

PS3 owners might never get their hands on the Skyrim Dawnguard add-on content.

Vita firmware update adds PS3 controller feature

Sony is about to roll out a significant update to the Playstation Vita.

Video: New Skyrim DLC trailer surfaces

As if there wasn't already enough to do in Bethesda's epic Elder Scrolls V Skyrim game, new downloadable content is on the way.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC stalks September

EA and DICE have confirmed that Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC will go live on September 4 for premium subscribers and PlayStation 3 owners.

Yes, smartphones are catching up to current-gen consoles

We all know the current console cycle has gone on for far too long, with Microsoft's Xbox 360 hitting store shelves way back in 2005.