Rumor: PS3 to stream PS1, PS2 games

Bolstering an earlier rumor, there are now new reports that the PS3 will soon offer nearly all PS1 and PS2 games.

Sony to re-release more PS2 games on PS3

Sony plans to offer several more PS2 titles available as downloadable games for the PS3.

PS2 lifetime sales pass 150 million

It's hard to believe that Sony is still manufacturing and selling new PS2 units, more than three years after its successor went on sale. But the cheap, impulse-buy console continues to celebrate sales and has just passed it latest milestone.

PS2 backward compatibility may come back to PS3

Anyone who bought a PS3 over the last couple years is green with envy over the fact that they can't play PS2 games but their early adopter brothers can. That might actually change.