Android game console named after Microsoft, looks like Sony

If the Sony PS Vita and a Google Nexus 7 tied up in a drunken love fest after a late night of gaming, the resulting love child would probably be the Droid X360.

Official YouTube app lands for Sony PS Vita

If you're a gamer who picked up the PS Vita when the portable game console first launched, you probably noticed the integrated web browser left something to be desired.

A closer look at Sony's All Stars Battle Royale

Sony is showcasing its All Stars Battle Royale game at E3 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Sony says it is serious about deterring Vita pirates

For some of us, the relatively lackluster response to Sony's PSP made perfect sense, as the handheld console boasted only halfway decent graphics and lacked appealing games.

Sony says the Vita has plenty of RAM

Sony has officially confirmed that its upcoming PS Vita will boast a full 512MB of RAM - rather than the 256MB claimed by various rumors swirling around the Internet ether.