Anonymous calls for May Day protests over CISPA

Cyber activists linked to Anonymous have called for escalating protests over the controversial CISPA cyber-security bill recently passed by the US Congress.

BART police plan Anonymous crackdown

The police force tasked with securing BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) appears to be running out of patience with Anonymous protestors.

Opinion: Police state doesn't want dancing at the Jefferson Memorial

You may love cops, or you might hate them. Either way a new viral video shows that cops will not tolerate dancing at the Jefferson Memorial.

Google's Egyptian protest hero plans to quit and form NGO

The Google executive who was so instrumental in the protests that led to the overthrow of the Egyptian government has said he plans to leave the company to set up his own Non-Governmental-Organization (NGO).

Egypt unplugs from the internet

Egypt is effectively offline, after the government cut off almost all internet access late last night.

Gates geoengineering plan gets environmentalists up in arms

A report that Bill Gates plans to fund the world's largest geoengineering project to date has drawn fire from environmental groups.