Medical science investigates a spleen-on-a-chip

Harvard scientists are developing a new device that could help replace the good old spleen. The spleen’s job is to filter our blood and prevent potentially fatal sepsis.

Is this blob dinosaur DNA?

A US researcher is claiming to have found further evidence that ancient dinosaur proteins - and even DNA - may have been preserved until the present day.

How spinach helps produce electricity

Don't eat your spinach. Put it on your solar panel instead.

Semen has direct effect on female brain

A newly-discovered protein in the semen of all mammals - including humans - prompts females to ovulate through a direct effect on the brain.

Nano-factories produce cancer drugs at tumor sites

MIT researchers have created a new type of nanoparticle that can synthesize proteins on demand, potentially creating cancer drugs right at the spot they're needed.

Transistors made from human ingredients

Researchers have developed a transistor made from organic materials found in the human body.

Scientists want to replace meat with bugs

Bugs are probably the most neglected form of protein. The crunchy crawlers may be gross to some, but to others they are a perfectly acceptable thing to eat. But will fried cockroaches and chocolate covered ants be the next big thing in the world of gastronomy?