On sex and sleaze in Silicon Valley

Ah, Silicon Valley. Those two words conjure up images of gently rolling hills, shiny buildings and startup companies in hipster lofts filled with innumerable empty cans of Pabst and discarded pizza boxes.

Expert: Censoring Craigslist won’t stop prostitution

Danah Boyd has dedicated a large portion of her life to ending violence against women and children. She hates the type of scum who would victimize others through the sex-power matrix, domestic violence, and nonconsensual prostitution.

EBay pulls ads site after sex allegations

Ebay has taken down its Spanish classified ads site Loquo, after Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster accused it of touting prostitution.

Craigslist still profiting from prostitution, says official

Connecticut's Attorney General has slapped a subpoena on classified ad site Craigslist, suggesting it may be profiting from prostitution.

Sex ads give Craigslist $36 million?

Sex ads on Craigslist provide about a third of the company's revenue, which will bring in $36 million to the simplistic online bulletin board. That's a problem for at least one attorney general.