Twitter struggles with viable advertising model

Twitter, the social networking site often mentioned alongside Facebook, has a fairly new business model when it comes to advertising. Last year, the company introduced its paid advertising model, "Promoted Tweets," and less than a year later, the company is playing it down.

Twitter buys Smallthought Systems to boost analytics tools

In the wake of its Promoted Tweets launch, Twitter has acquired web analytics company Smallthought Systems.

Twitter URL shortener improves security - and Twitter's profits

Twitter is testing a new URL shortening feature that it says will improve security - and that could also give Twitter a lot more saleable information on its users.

Twitter bans third-party ads to highlight Promoted Tweets

Twitter is banning third-party ads, saying it's all about preserving the site's integrity. So not about the money at all.

Twitter unveils monetization plans

Twitter has unveiled its very-long-awaited plans to start making money, by, er, bunging ads on the site.