Yes, Prometheus will be epic

Veteran Hollywood screenwriter Damon Lindelof is definitely stoked, assuring us that Ridley Scott's long-awaited Prometheus will be nothing short of an "epic" film.

The mystery of Prometheus

It's obviously going to be some time before we see exactly what Ridley Scott's Prometheus is all about.

Prometheus trailer seeks answers

20th Century Fox has finally released its long-awaited first full-length trailer for Prometheus - the upcoming film from Ridley Scott set in the universe of his famous Alien franchise.

In space, no one can hear you scream

Prometheus, the upcoming Ridley Scott film, is part of the same canon as Alien, which marked Scott's big breakthrough as a filmmaker in 1979.

Ridley Scott talks Alien & Prometheus

Ridley Scott, veteran director of the upcoming sci-fi thriller Prometheus, previously confirmed the film’s third act will contain "DNA" strands of the first Alien film. Now we finally have some details.

Alleged Prometheus plot summary hits the 'Net

Seriously, is there a security problem on Ridley Scott’s set?

First trailer for Prometheus leaks online

The first trailer for Prometheus has been leaked online. It appears as if the trailer is still in production, but will likely (officially) drop soon.

The DNA links of Alien and Prometheus

Earlier this year, famed sci-fi director Ridley Scott confirmed that there would be a connection between his upcoming Prometheus film and the classic Alien franchise.

Ridley Scott: New Blade Runner will be a sequel

Ridley Scott has confirmed that the upcoming Blade Runner film will be a sequel.

The characters of Prometheus

Prometheus is set in the same universe as Alien. However, the upcoming film is neither a sequel nor prequel, but rather, a different story which takes place before the events of the Alien franchise.

Noomi Rapace talks Prometheus at Comic-Con

Noomi Rapace and Ridley Scott may be in a remote part of Iceland shooting Prometheus, but that didn't stop either of them from addressing thousands of eager fans at Comic-Con via a satellite linkup.

Prometheus details finally emerge

Ridley Scott’s new film actually has a full cast and synopsis.

Android’s Dream: Prometheus

When treated as protagonists, androids fill a tale with themes of the roles and definitions of humanity. Thus, this series is taking a close look at these artificial people. Today we’re looking at Prometheus.

Noomi Rapace says she is stoked for Ridley's Prometheus

The girl with the dragon tattoo - aka Noomi Rapace - says she is excited about assuming the role of Elizabeth Shaw in Ridley Scott's hotly anticipated "Prometheus" film.

Sultry Noomi Rapace to star in Ridley Scott's Prometheus

Ridley Scott has confirmed that sultry Noomi Rapace of Dragon Tattoo fame will star in a new sci-fi flick dubbed Prometheus.