Ridley Scott Talks the Future of the Prometheus and Blade Runner Sequels

Ridley Scott surprised many when he announced there would be a sequel to Blade Runner. There’s also been plans in the works for some time about another Prometheus movie, which came out to mixed reviews, but it certainly has its fans.

Lost Creator Quits Twitter

Damon Lindelof is the creator of Lost , and he’s also the screenwriter of Prometheus, and Star Trek Into Darkness. And after much deliberation, Lindelof has left the Twittersphere.

Is World War Z in worse trouble than we thought?

There has been troubled buzz on World War Z for quite some time now, and it’s left us scratching our collective heads wondering what went wrong.

From Prometheus to The Black Hole

We at TG know that Prometheus has a lot of fans out there, and there’s currently a sequel in the works at Fox.

The status of Prometheus 2

We’ve followed the developments of Prometheus closely before it hit theaters last summer, and while it’s garnered mixed reviews and audience response, it’s clearly done well enough that a sequel has been in development at Fox for some time.

Ridley Scott to shoot sci-fi shorts with Machinima

Even as Ridley Scott is getting well into his seventies, he’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

Is Prometheus 2 moving forward?

While Prometheus was a disappointment to many, it does have its fans, and a pretty decent core following that would love to see the next installment.

Ridley Scott's new project is Mind MGMT

Alien. Prometheus. And now... Mind MGMT.

Wreck It Ralph headed to VoD

Wreck It Ralph is a Pixar style animated family film that takes place in the gaming world, and was quite popular last winter when it hit theaters.

Were expectations too high for Prometheus?

Now that we’re in the new year, there are movie lists up everywhere, including here at TG, of the best, worst, most over-rated and under-rated genre flicks of 2012.

Plotting the Sequel to Prometheus

While it hit theaters to a mixed reception this summer, there’s definitely a lot of Prometheus fans out there who would certainly love to see more.

The pros and cons of CGI

It’s great that there are still amazing make-up artists in the business like Rick Baker despite the wide prevalence of CGI in Hollywood. 

Prometheus - before and after

There was quite a bit of speculation about what form Prometheus would take be before it was finally released. Was it indeed an Alien prequel? Would it be Alien influenced, but still remain its own unique story?

The heads of Prometheus: The Art of the Film

With Prometheus only just finishing up a successful box-office run, and soon coming to Blu-ray, an art book is a good home companion to the film.

Repairing Prometheus: Part 4 - a troublesome android

Sacrificing characters in the name of 'meaning' leaves you with neither.

Repairing Prometheus: Part 3 - "Science Hurts!"

The film would have more easily reached its potential if the characters weren't as dumb as rocks.

Repairing Prometheus: Part 2 - Physics!

A few simple fixes could have gone a long way in making Prometheus the film it was meant to be.

Repairing Prometheus: Part 1 - Paths of resistance

The biggest problem with Prometheus is a lack of unified vision.

What went wrong behind the scenes of Prometheus?

Prometheus should have been one of the greatest films of the decade, yet it fell flat for many fans. Original screenwriter for the film, Jon Spaihts, offers some insight into what happened.  

Blade Runner and Alien universes may be the same

An extra on the Prometheus Blu-ray indicates that Sir Peter Weyland once knew Dr. Eldon Tyrell.