Android-powered LumiTab boasts an integrated DLP projector

These days it's rather difficult for most Android tablets to set themselves apart from the pack, as most are equipped with the same hardware, basic features and software variants.

This Android tablet has a built-in projector

This slick seven-inch Android tablet boasts an integrated 40 lumen mini projector.

This racing simulator is almost as good as the real thing

I've been on the race track more than a few times and watched drivers zipping around in their sweet little Ariel Atom cars.

AnatOnMe: Microsoft device improves doctor patient communication

Microsoft announced this week that they have developed a new handheld device that should allow better communication between doctors and patients.

Tiny projector could feature in cellphones

A projector small enough to be incorporated in a cellphone should be on the market next year.

Human Media Lab showcases bendable mobile gaming displays

The Human Media Lab recently showcased its Cobra bendable projection screen system for mobile gaming at Atlanta's Computer-Human Interaction conference.