Google showcases Project Glass tech at SXSW

Google showcased a number of Project Glass apps this week South by South West (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.

Google's Project Glass eyes virtual keyboard control

One of the most interesting projects to emerge from Google's Mountain View HQ in recent years is the slick Project Glass wearable computer.

Doubts surface about Google's Project Glass

The evolution of mobile augmented reality (AR) is moving along at an accelerated pace, although analysts at ABI Research doubt Google's Project Glass marks the start of a paradigm shift.

Silicon Micro offers augmented reality glasses

A company called Silicon Micro wants to get on the augmented reality game before Google does.

Project Glass might come to prescription glasses

Google's augmented reality glasses are getting cooler by the minute.

Video: Google eyes the future with Project Glass

Google has officially disclosed a number of details about Project Glass, an advanced platform that will be used to power augmented reality glasses.