Amazon goes slower

Amazon's revenues slowed in the first quarter as the world's largest Internet retail struggled overseas.

Google continues to rake in the cash

Google made more than a few dollars in its latest quarter, raking in a cool $14 billion in revenue.

Samsung predicts rise in revenues but income fall

Samsung posted its financial estimations in the three months to the end of March, with enormous expected operating profits of roughly $7.7 billion (8.7 trillion won) - up over 50 percent from the same time last year.

Report: Devs prefer Apple iOS over Android

A recent survey conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster seems to confirm that mobile developers prefer coding apps for iOS.

Apple profits soar on record iPhone sales

Apple's profits almost doubled in the first quarter of this year compared with last, hitting $11.6 billion. Revenue increased 59 percent to reach $39.2 billion.

How Google shifts profits to Bermuda to shrink taxes by billion$

The parallels, differences and ethical considerations of tax avoidance versus tax evasion have been the subject of debate for decades.

Apple defies economic recession with record breaking profits

Apple continued to defy the global economic recession by posting record breaking profits for its fiscal 2010 fourth quarter.

Music streaming 'good news' for mobile operators

Mobile operators could make more money by scrapping their download stores and partnering with music streaming providers instead.

Craigslist still profiting from prostitution, says official

Connecticut's Attorney General has slapped a subpoena on classified ad site Craigslist, suggesting it may be profiting from prostitution.