Geothermal industry wants to raise its profile

Is geothermal energy destined to be a niche player as solar and wind gain big-time status in the United States? Leaders in the industry, meeting in Las Vegas this week, rejected the idea, but conceded they’ll have to do some educating, lobbying, innovating and cost-cutting if geothermal is to fully join the renewables revolution.

Report: Facebook profiles raise self-esteem and affects behavior

A Facebook profile is an ideal version of self, full of photos and posts curated for the eyes of family, friends and acquaintances. Interestingly, a recent study claims that this version of self can provide beneficial psychological effects and influence behavior.

Facebook profiles predict job success

Next time you're hiring, forget personality tests - just check out the applicant's Facebook profile instead. It's not just a good way of evaluating candidates, it seems, it's actually one of the best.

Can criminals use Facebook to guess your SSN?

Facebook received some pretty heavy negative backlash after the social networking site rolled out its facial recognition photo tagging system worldwide in June.

Zuckerberg announces redesigned profile pages

Facebook's revamped its profile pages, highlighting personal information, including more photos and pushing both to the top of the page.

Bogus app says it shows who's viewed your Facebook profile

It's designed to appeal to both the vain and the paranoid, which is presumably why a new piece of Facebook malware is spreading so fast.

Facebook repairs critical security flaw

Facebook has reportedly fixed a critical security flaw that briefly allowed users to view the live chats of their friends and see pending friend requests.