Veggie experiment will expand fresh food production on Space Station

A plant growth chamber bound for the International Space Station inside the Dragon capsule on the SpaceX-3 resupply mission may help expand in-orbit food production capabilities in more ways than one, and offer astronauts something they don’t take for granted, fresh food.

New possibilities for efficient biofuel production

Limited availability of fossil fuels stimulates the search for different energy resources. The use of biofuels is one of the alternatives. Sugars derived from the grain of agricultural crops can be used to produce biofuel but these crops occupy fertile soils needed for food and feed production.

Towards an efficient production of hydrogen

The latest idea for producing hydrogen efficiently and without emissions drawbacks uses the sun in a setup that looks a lot like the big power-tower concentrating solar power plants that are nearing completion in the American Southwest.

$35 computer enters production

A British charity is about to start manufacturing a $35 Linux-based computer aimed at the education market, and is promising an even cheaper model later on.

iPad production cut in readiness for iPad 3

Apple's reported to have slashed iPad production by a quarter, according to a research report from JP Morgan Chase.

Biofuel production hits all-time high 

Worldwide production of biofuels hit an all-time high in 2010, according to numbers released from Worldwatch Institute's Climate and Energy Program. 

Apple to kick off iPad 3 production in October

Apple is reportedly preparing to kick off trial production of its next-gen iPad in October 2011.

Renewable energy production passes nuclear

Renewable energy production in the United States has surpassed the production of nuclear power for the first time, a government study reports.

Badly-produced biofuels can release harmful chemicals

Using the wrong biofuel production methods can lead to the release of toxic, carcinogenic substances, new research has shown.

Ford boosts domestic green car production

American automaker Ford has announced it will triple production capacity of electric vehicles through the year 2013.

Foxconn explosion kills three

An explosion at Foxconn's Chengdu plant, which manufactures iPads for Apple, has left three people dead and 15 injured, according to local reports.

Apple forces clone-maker to halt production

It's amazing it's taken this long, perhaps, but Apple has forced iPhone imitator Meizu to stop selling the iPhone lookalike M8.

Screen supply problems set to hit iPad production

LG Display says it will not be able to meet demand from Apple for LCD screens for the iPad, and is warning that the device's launch may be delayed in some countries.

Report: Apple iPad production remains on track

A new report suggests that production of Apple’s iPad has remained on track, with 600,000-700,000 units expected to ship this month.