Samsung updates Exynos 5 Octa chip with six-core GPU

Samsung has announced an updated eight-core Enynos 5 Octa processor for tablets that features a six-core Mali T-628 GPU. Samsung has been the first ARM vendor to ship consumer products using an eight-core processor that makes use of ARM's Big Little configuration. Now the firm ...

Claim: Intel's Core i7-4960X Ivy Bridge-E SoC is only 10% faster

Hardcore tech enthusiasts are often quite excited when hardware benchmarks tip up before they are officially available.

Intel says Bay Trail chips will push Windows 8 mobile devices to $200

Touchscreen notebooks and tablets running Microsoft's flagship Windows 8 operating system are still considered somewhat expensive by mainstream users.

Video: Snapdragon benchmarks next-gen S400 mobile SoC

Hardcore fans of mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets tend to get all excited when manufacturers announce new processors and platforms.

AMD unveils new Richland AMD Elite A-Series APUs

AMD has officially launched its Richland APU (accelerated processing unit), an SoC which is powerful enough to support features like facial-based logins and precise gesture recognition.

Report: Xbox 720 has 8 x64 cores running at 1.6 GHz

We already know quite a bit about Sony's recently announced PlayStation 4. However, official details about Microsoft's Xbox 720 (Next) are few and far between.

Pipo Max M9 Android tablet ships with a quad-core Rockchip processor

Rockchip processors currently power a number of Android tablets and mini-computers.

Confusion reigns over Apple's iPhone 5 processor

A new report is claiming that Apple's recently unveiled iPhone 5 is actually powered by a custom ARMv7 core, rather than a design based on ARM's Cortex-A15 architecture.

Quantum processor factors prime number

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have built a quantum processor that can factor a composite number - in this case the number 15 - into its constituent prime factors, 3 and 5.

TSMC wants 20nm Apple chips

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is reportedly investing $700 million in 20-nanometer chip technology to prepare for a possible deal with Apple in 2014.

This hard drive erases data if stolen

Toshiba’s recently launched SATA 7200 RPM, 2.5 inch MKxx61GSYG hard disk drive features integrated hardware-level encryption and is capable of erasing itself if stolen.

Team develops 1,000-core processor. Yes, really.

University of Glasgow scientists have created an ultra-fast 1,000-core processor which they say can run at 20 times the speed of current processors.

Intel eyes 1,000-core processor

A prototype Intel chip that currently contains 48 cores could eventually be transformed into a 1,000-core processor.

Apple takes a bite out of AMD

AMD CEO Dirk Meyer has acknowledged that Apple's wildly popular iPad is cannibalizing sales of netbooks, notebooks and laptops.

Tesla GPUs accelerate engineering sims

Nvidia GPU Conference 2010 - Ansys has designed a souped-up, Tesla-based HPC platform that significantly reduces engineering simulation processing time.

Nufront revs ARM SoC to 2GHz

Nufront has introduced a 40nm ARM-based SoC that clocks in at an impressive 2GHz.

ARM deploys Cortex-A15 MPCore processor

ARM has deployed a next-gen Cortex-A15 MPCore processor that is capable of running at speeds of up to 2.5GHz in certain configurations.

Samsung launches dual-core Orion processor

Samsung has launched an advanced 1GHz ARM CORTEX A9 dual-core processor for next-gen mobile devices.

Apple's A4 processor takes center stage

Apple has deployed its indigenously designed ARM-based A4 processor in a number of new devices, including the iPad, iPhone 4 and upgraded iPod touch.

GloFo ramps up for ARM’s dual-core Cortex-A9 processor

GlobalFoundries has successfully taped-out a qualification vehicle based on ARM's Cortex-A9 dual-core processor.