$900 Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Pro launches on Feb 9

Microsoft has confirmed that its Intel-powered Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet will launch on February 9, 2013.

SolidRun's ARM-powered CuBox gets upgraded

SolidRun has introduced an upgraded version of its ARM-powered CuBox.

$900+ Microsoft Surface Pro is short on battery life

Microsoft's Intel x86 Windows 8 Surface Pro tablet apparently boasts only half the battery life of the less expensive Surface RT which is powered by Nvidia's power-conscience (ARM) Tegra chip.

New Apple MacBooks already in production

Apple has reportedly kicked off production of its next-gen MacBook Pro, which is expected to closely emulate the Air’s thinner form factor and forego an optical drive.

Is Apple killing off the MacBook Pro?

Apple is reportedly preparing to phase out its mid-range Macbook Pro lineup by introducing a larger 15-inch MacBook Air in April.

Apple debuts Thunderbolt display

Apple has debuted a 27-inch display designed to be used as a tricked-out docking station for Thunderbolt-enabled MacBooks. 

Liquid-cooled Mac Pro gets overclocked

We've all seen overclocked Windows-based systems jacked up on liquid nitrogen and running off pure geek adrenaline. 

But what about a supercharged Apple Mac being put through its sweaty, overclocked paces?