Software searches for faces online

A new program will soon be released which can scan social networks for pictures of particular individuals.

ACLU dislikes Facebook Places

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Northern California is apparently not a big fan of Facebook's recently introduced geo-location app.

Police storm the offices of Google Korea

National Police Agency officers in South Korea today raided Google office space in the country to find evidence that the search giant was illegally storing private user information.

Researcher 'leaks' 100 million Facebook IDs

Shock, horror: loads of publicly-available data has been, er, leaked to the public on BitTorrent.

Some girls just don't grok privacy on Facebook

Inside Network has concluded that fifty percent of Facebook's young female members are utterly incapable of managing their privacy settings.

Facebook apps to need permission before using profile data

Facebook's really keen on privacy these days, and it's now rolled out a feature requiring outside applications and websites to make it clear to users which parts of their profiles are being shared.

Sadie Hawkins does it her way

Frank Sinatra may have done it his way, but now the spirit of Sadie Hawkins (no, not Sophie B. Hawkins) is doing it HerWay. That's right, ladies!

Apple to store and share users' real-time location data

Apple is collecting the precise, real-time location of iPhone and iPad users, and passing it on to other organisations.

Employers can read staff text messages, court rules

Bosses have the right to check an employee's text messages, the Supreme Court has ruled, if they think work rules are being broken.

AT&T fails to cope with iPhone preorders

AT&T is struggling to handle the rush of customers for the new iPhone 4, and has found itself embroiled in yet another privacy scandal.

Single engineer caused Street View scandal, says Schmidt

Google says the massive furore over Wifi snooping by Street View cars was all the fault of one software engineer.

Quit Facebook Day set to be a flop

Only two percent of US Facebook users plan to delete their accounts today as a result of the 'Quit Facebook Day on May 31' campaign.

Young people more wary about their internet image

Young people are more careful about managing their privacy online than their elders, according to the latest report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Facebook critics give cautious welcome to new privacy controls

Facebook has revealed the outcome of all those secret meetings over the last couple of weeks - new privacy controls. Now, there's a surprise.

Facebook acknowledges privacy snafu

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has acknowledged the popular social networking site "missed the mark" by introducing overly "complex" privacy controls.

Google still has hopes for facial recognition

Google is reportedly discussing how it can get away with introducing facial recognition technology in the light of increasing criticism over its privacy policies.

Woman sues phone company for revealing her affair

For sheer nerve, it takes some beating. A Canadian woman is suing her local phone carrier for invasion of privacy and breach of contract - because her itemized bill let her husband find out she was having an affair.

FTC to investigate photocopier security risks

It's a hideous thought: all over the world, every time some idiot photocopies their butt, the image is stored for posterity.

Browsers leave fingerprints that identify users

Even without cookies, the vast majority of browsers leave unique signatures that can be used to track a user's online activity, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

FacebookSearch collates embarrassing Facebook posts

A new site highlights Facebook's privacy failings by letting users search automatically for embarrassing posts.