Employers demand Facebook passwords from potential hires

Reports seem to indicate that more and more employers are requiring potential hires to turn over Facebook passwords - if they wish to be considered for open positions.

FTC urged to investigate Apple and Google over mobile privacy

Senator Charles E Schumer has called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Apple and Google over allegations that iPhones and Android devices are allowing third party access to users' photos and address books.

Obama publishes new online privacy plan

The White House has unveiled a new framework for online privacy, tightening up the protection of personal data.

FTC urged to investigate Google over Safari cookies

Three US lawmakers have written to the Federal Trade Commission querying whether Google's been violating a consent agreement that it reached with the FTC last year.

Apple responds to pressure over address book privacy

Apple's promising to close the loophole that allows apps to harvest the content of users' address books without specific permission.

Google users sell their privacy cheaply

An offer from Google to pay users up to $25 to give up their privacy has been swamped by takers.

EPIC sues FTC over Google privacy changes

The Electronic Privacy and Information Center has launched a lawsuit against the US Federal Trade Commission, aiming to force it to stop Google going through with its planned changes to its privacy policy.

Path and Hipster swipe users' address books

The popular Path photo-sharing app is uploading users' entire address books to its servers, a developer has discovered - and Path says it's not a mistake. Hipster's claimed to be doing the same.

FBI wants to scrape Twitter worldwide

The FBI is considering continuously monitoring all social media sites on a global basis, and is looking for help.

Google consolidates user data with new privacy policy

Google's launching a new privacy policy, bringing together all the information it holds on individual users into a single place.

EU to publish new privacy proposals

The EU will this week propose new, tighter data protection rules which could have big implications for companies like Google and Facebook, as well as companies attacked by hackers.

Facebook agrees to privacy changes after Irish audit

Facebook's agreed to make several changes to its privacy policies following the publication of a critical report from the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.

Kindle Fire draws fire from users

Amazon's Kindle Fire is proving less than popular with many users, with complaints over the lack of external volume control, privacy issues and a clumsy user interface.

Carrier IQ and partners hit with lawsuits

Carrier IQ is finding itself under even greater scrutiny than its clients' customers, following allegations that its mobile tracking software is invading the privacy of phone users.

Facebook and FTC settle privacy violation charges

Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have clinched a deal to settle charges that the popular social networking site deceived users by sharing their private information.

Google lets users opt out of geolocation database

Google's announced an opt-out for Wifi users, allowing them to remove their home networks from the company's geolocation database.

Google to face regular privacy inspections

Google's agreed to have its privacy practices monitored for the next 20 years, as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

FTC asked to investigate Facebook privacy

Ten privacy campaign groups have written to the FTC calling for an investigation into Facebook's use of so-called supercookies.

Hidemyass says it doesn't hide your ass

You might think that a company called Hidemyass would do just that - but no.

FTC wants stricter rules on children's privacy online

The Federal Trade Commission is proposing changes to online privacy rules designed to give parents control over the information gathered by websites on their children.