Google privacy violates Dutch law

Search engine Google is in hot water after a privacy watchdog saw orange and ruled that its method of bringing in personal data from its many different online services violates Dutch data protection law.

Kill U.S. web firms' license to operate in Europe, German privacy officials

Report: Job seekers should check their privacy settings

Social media websites can be a boon for employers scoping out job applicants, and that’s bad news for certain groups of young people, according to a new Northwestern University study.

Privacy: How Google and you may be totally screwed

Another week, another scandal at the Obama Administration. Yes, the administration really should now be carrying an official tagline that reads "Scandals’r Us." The latest? The federal government has been collecting all Verizon mobile phone calling information for some time.

$70 Drone Shield wants to protect you from flying spies

There are quite a lot of people who are seriously concerned about maintaining their privacy in an age where aerial drones - like the Parrot AR - are increasingly easy to build or buy.

Google gets ultimatum from Germany

Germany has issued an ultimatum to the search engine Google to start answering user questions via email or face the consequences.

Schmidt triggers drone alert: privacy matters

Google chairman Eric Schmidt believes more regulation is needed in the civilian drone market. The use of drones by law enforcement and enthusiasts is skyrocketing, but it is also raising new concerns about privacy, reports the BBC. 

European investigators launch full attack on Google

The failure of Google to change its privacy policy in Europe has led six countries to coordinate an enforcement push.

Facebook fraud is easy

Frank Abagnale Jr, arguably one of the most famous American conmen of all time, believes Facebook has made life easier for fraudsters across the world.

Google settles with US states over Street View data grab

Following legal action, Google's going to pay just $7 million in the US for its Street View snooping, uncovered three years ago.

Facebook 'Likes' give your secrets away

Think carefully before you 'like' a particular song on Facebook: you could be giving away your sexual orientation, political views or even your drug use.

Facebook privacy changes lead to more data being shared

After users attempted to keep more information private, Facebook altered its privacy settings to make more data public than ever, research from Carnegie-Mellon University has shown.

WhatsApp still failing on privacy, finds probe

The WhatsApp mobile messaging service is still breaching privacy laws, an investigation by the Dutch and Canadian provacy watchdogs has concluded.

Instagram claims it's not losing users

Instagram has started releasing its usage figures following reports that the photo sharing site was hemorrhaging users over privacy concerns.

'Anonymous' genetic data can identify individuals

Supposedly anonymous people taking part in genomic studies can be identified using publicly accessible online resources, a team of Whitehead Institute researchers has shown.

FourSquare to show full names and share more data with businesses

FourSquare is making changes to its privacy policy - and, unlike, say Instagram, has actually made them simple to understand. From January 28, users' full names will be displayed, and businesses given more customer data by default.

Randi Zuckerberg caught out by Facebook privacy settings

You've got to appreciate the irony: Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Mark and a former director of Facebook, is all of a twitter over what she sees as a breach of privacy.

FTC tightens up child privacy rules

Apps and websites will have to jump through more hoops before gathering personal information on children, thanks to a set of amendments to the creaking Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Instagram plans to sell your photos to advertisers

In an astonishing demonstration of nerve, Instagram has declared that from next January it has the right to use your name and photos for anything it likes - including selling them to third parties for use in ads.

App developers failing to protect kids' privacy, says FTC

The Federal Trade Commission says there's been little progress amongst children's app makers in addressing privacy issues, and is warning that it's planning several investigations.