Got a Prius? Got spare parts and some extra time?

Auto engineers, like everyone else, need things to do in their spare time to keep themselves amused. If you are part of Toyota, this might mean you belong to the Toyota Engineering Society (TES). And if you belong to TES, you are likely using parts from the brand to build, say, a Prius like plug-in hybrid roadster on steroids.

Report: Toyota Prius convertible spotted in Japan

How up would you be for buying a Toyota Prius convertible? That was one of the primary under the radar surprises Toyota showcased at the recent Tokyo Motor Show in the form of the Aqua Air concept.

Ford hybrid unseats Prius variant

Toyota last month said it would be dropping the price of its Prius Plug-In hybrid by $2,000 for the more basic model, suggesting sales may not have been as the automaker wanted with this variant of the Prius.

Toyota prices 2014 Prius, Avalon Hybrid models

Toyota last week priced out two of its 2014 hybrid offerings as it continues to look to dominate the category. The pricing for the most part for the Avalon Hybrid and Prius trims remains the same, likely reflecting a desire to continue to bring in through the door more consumers wanting to buy a hybrid from the Japanese automaker.

Toyota teases new Prius details

It is rare when a extended family has a reunion, bringing members of a clan from around the world to one spot to talk of common traits and share in family lore. Toyota did this recently though, bringing together for the first time all of its environmentally focused vehicles, mostly consisting of hybrids, to one place.

Toyota teases Camatte57s electric concept car

Toyota is mostly focused upon hybrids as its green car strategy globally, especially given the strong success of the Prius.

A closer look at Toyota's Me.We electric vehicle (EV)

The notion of a car which is lighter, more affordable and environmentally friendly continues to elude automakers.

Recycled Prius batteries power electricity management systems

When a hybrid’s old nickel-metal hydride batteries, such as those used in the Toyota Prius, reach the end of their usefulness in the car there’s a question of what to do with them.

Toyota prices its 2013 hybrid lineup

As the year slowly winds down, Toyota is officially confirming some of the latest pricing details on its growing lineup of 2013 hybrid models.

Tekked-out Prius is definitely one very techie hybrid

What would it take you to get excited about a Toyota Prius? 

Even as more hybrids enter the market and move beyond stereotypes, many folks consider the most popular one not to their liking for a variety of reasons.

Driverless car bill passed in California

California's governor Jerry Brown says that today's science fiction is tomorrow's reality.

Google's driverless car now street legal in Nevada

The Google car that can drive itself is now eligible to ride on the streets of Nevada.

MonoTracer revs electric 2-wheeler

The creators of the Peraves MonoTracer MTE-150, an electric vehicle that looks like a cross between a Prius and a motorcycle, recently announced plans to make the final production version available to enthusiasts.

Will hybrids survive the onslaught of more efficient gasoline engines?

People who are shopping for green and efficient cars have a number of choices on the market today.

Prius death ray or energy efficient windows?

A woman living in Studio City, California noticed one fine day that the mirrors on her fuel-sipping Prius had started to melt.

Google self-driving car crashes, human to blame

Google's first-of-its-kind car with a highly sophisticated autopilot feature has had its first accident.

First Fisker Karma hybrid finally being built

When we last reported on the Fisker Automotive Karma luxury plug-in hybrid, it was appearing at the Geneva Auto Show as word spread it would finally go into production in the month of March.

New Toyota Prius lineup coming Monday

Word began to leak out more than a year ago that Toyota would grow its line of hybrids under the Prius name, transforming it from a mere model into a brand itself.

Toyota rolls out five year eco car plan

The first generation of electric cars have yet to truly hit the marketplace, but Toyota is already at work on next-gen electric car batteries - along with other "eco-car" development strategies.

Toyota readies Prius refresh

Toyota is reportedly preparing to refresh its popular Prius lineup with the launch of two new vehicles in 2011.