How to print tiny batteries

3D printing can now be used to print lithium-ion microbatteries the size of a grain of sand. The printed microbatteries could supply electricity to tiny devices in fields from medicine to communications, including many that have lingered on lab benches for lack of a battery small enough to fit the device, yet provide enough stored energy to power them.

Polaroid plans stores to turn your photos into art

Polaroid - which in the era of the smartphone camera has been struggling to survive for some time now - is aiming to persuade customers that the proper place for photographs is on the wall.

Encyclopaedia Britannica to end print edition

After 244 years in print, the Encyclopaedia Britannica is going online-only. Its publishers say that, once current inventory's gone, the 32-volume printed edition is to be discontinued.

MIT prints solar cells - on paper

MIT's developed a technique to print out solar cells on paper, almost as cheaply and easily as printing a document.

E-book sales have overtaken print, says Amazon

Amazon says that, for the first time, it's now selling more Kindle books than print books.

Marvel brings comics to the iPad

Marvel Entertainment has launched an app for the iPad that offers easy access to over 500 comic books, including Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk and Thor.