Report: Amazon prepping set-top box

Amazon is reportedly prepping a set-top box capable of playing games and streaming movies from multiple online platforms including Prime Instant Video, Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Transformers attack Asus

Personally, I wouldn't piss off a fifty-foot tall robot equipped with laser weapons, but then I'm not in charge at Asus.

Kindle lending library launches with thousands of books

Amazon's opened its Kindle lending library, offering over 5,000 titles for loan, including over 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers.

Amazon goes FTW with Universal deal

Netflix may have annoyed thousands by raising its rates, but Amazon just clinched a lucrative deal that will allow customers to stream a number of movies from Universal Pictures.

PAX Prime Nerd Orgy crashes and burns

D'oh! A proposed PAX Prime "nerd" orgy is in serious danger of being cancelled due to a severe (and expected) lack of female interest.