Not even a (belated) price cut can help Nintendo's Wii U

Nintendo may have released it's next-gen console almost a year ahead of Microsoft and Sony, but it is quite clear that most core gamers are waiting for the Xbox 720 (Next) and the Playstation 4 (PS4).

Vita price cut by a fifth in Japan

Sony's announced a price cut for the PS Vita in Japan, raising hopes of a similar move in other countries.

Apple cuts iPhone 4S price in the US

Apple's cut the price of the iPhone 4S, in an unusual move that's presumably designed to maintain sales ahead of the iPhone 5's launch later this year.

Nintendo promises massive 3DS price cut

Nintendo's slashed the price of its 3D handheld 3DS by a massive 40 percent in Japan, and says it plans to do the same in other countries.

Kindle price cut triggers big increase in sales

Amazon says it's now selling substantially more Kindle books than standard hardcover ones, and that its recent price cut has boosted demand for the e-reader dramatically.

Toyota aims to slash price of hydrogen cars

Toyota reckons it can get the retail price of a hydrogen-fueled car below the $50,000 mark, and could launch as soon as 2015.