Cellphone use in pregnancy linked to ADHD

Yet more evidence that cellphones are near-lethal devices; yet more evidence that pregnant women should lock themselves away in an isolation tank for nine months.

On the holes and Flesh in Doctor Who

This weekend's episode of Doctor Who finally answered some questions. Typically, it also presented new ones.

Of brains and prophylactics on Fringe

While the recent episodes of Fringe have been great, there is a bit missing. That bit is portions of the characters brains.

Mobile phones could lead to bad behavior in kids

Pregnant women who regularly use mobile phones may be more likely to have kids with behavioral problems, especially if those children start using a phone early themselves, new research shows.

Living near a cellphone mast doesn't give babies cancer

Pregnant women who live near a cell phone mast are no more likely to have a baby that later develops cancer, says a study in the British Medical Journal.