Has global warming slowed right down?

Global warming could be a lot less extreme than feared, according to a new study which finds that worldwide temperatures have levelled off.

A new way to predict future sea levels

A new method for predicting future sea levels that mathematically pools expert predictions is being used by climate scientists.

Phones will soon have five senses, says IBM

IBM has released its annual set of predictions for the next five years - and says it expects computers and smartphones to see, smell, touch, taste and hear.

1990 climate change predictions turn out to be accurate

In a blow to those people who believe that global warming predictions are just a lot of hot air, an international team has established that predictions made 20 years ago are turning out pretty accurate.

Could Ben Browder be The Doctor’s new companion?

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has revealed some interesting details about the upcoming season of the hit BBC show.

Mind reading just five years away, says IBM

In five years' time, we'll be reading one another's minds, according to IBM eggheads' annual 5 in 5 predictions.

Population predictions could be wildly wrong

Population predictions are often bandied about as fact - but are actually 'highly uncertain', a population scientist has told the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Google queries predict stock market volumes

There's a link between the number of Google searches performed on a company and the amount of financial trading in its shares, according to a German/US team.

Oil could run dry long before substitutes can take over

Unless R&D is stepped up dramatically, stock market expectations indicate that global oil supplies will run out 90 years before replacement technologies are ready.

Researchers say they can read terrorists' minds

Northwestern University researchers say they have developed a system that can pluck details of planned attacks from the minds of terrorists.

US should prepare for many more heatwaves, says government-funded report

Heat waves like the one now roasting the Eastern Seaboard are likely to become commonplace over the next 30 years, say scientists at Stanford University - even if global temperatures rise by only one degree Celcius.   

Report: Playstation 3 will eventually win

Research firm Strategy Analytics has taken a position that some in the gaming industry may find unexpected: saying that the Playstation 3 will outsell other consoles by the time their repective life cycles end.