PlayStation Announces Its First Original Series

With gaming moving into streaming, it makes sense that a company like PlayStation could be getting into the original series game. In the console wars, the Xbox One has tried to branch beyond the hardcore gamers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that PlayStation is about to launch its first series, Powers.

Report: Ivanpah solar plant powers 140,000 homes

It was a phrase repeated a thousand times last week: The newly dedicated Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System will generate enough electricity “to power 140,000 homes,” the stories went. But what exactly does that mean?

Powers returns to the page as Powers FBI

The long hiatus of Powers will be coming to an end this summer with a brand new comic book line.

Powers 'releases' cast, creator isn’t giving up

It’s been about a month since we reported that FX’s television adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis’ Powers had lost its star due to scheduling conflicts with another show.

Powers loses star, creator isn't giving up

We haven’t heard anything for awhile about the television adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis’ Powers for FX, so it’s rather disappointing to get some bad news. 

Bendis talks Powers on paper and screen

It’s been nearly a year since we reported that a live-action series was in development based on Powers, a super hero detective comic line.

FX may lose Powers

We’ve been reporting for nearly a year on the sporadic progress of the pilot for the FX series Powers, based on the comicbook series by Brian Michael Bendis.

Powers television adaptation completes major casting

Just days after the announcement about Lucy Punch playing Deena Pilgrim, we find out that Jason Patric will take on the role of Christian Walker.

Powers television adaptation gets Lucy Punch

She may not have been the first choice for anyone, but yes, Lucy Punch will play Deena Pilgrim.

Powers cast solidifying

There are some updates to the cast of FX’s adaptation of the long-running comicbook series.

"Powers" will push the superhero genre back onto American television

Currently, audiences love crime procedural television shows. After the smashing success of CSI and the various Law & Order spinoffs, it's like every new show is trying to pull in a portion of that audience.