Tiny harvesters power intelligent aircraft bodies

Airplane designers have been working on sensor networks something like the human nervous system, which would run throughout the body shell and report directly to engineers when maintenance is required.

New memory device could cut power consumption

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh say they have created fast, low-energy memory for MP3s, smartphones and cameras.

Hydrogen cartridges could power laptops and phones

Signa Chemistry has developed hydrogen cartridges which supply energy to fuel cells that recharge cell phones, laptops and GPS units.

New solar tech sees 15% more efficiency

Smart homes and smart buildings rely on a host of wireless sensors, each of which require a small but consistent power supply.

Thin film solar approaches DOE’s goals

Thin film solar continues to rapidly increase its efficiency level in converting sunlight to power. 

Turning tailpipe emissions into power

Where there’s heat, there’s energy - even in the smelly exhaust that emerges from a car tailpipe. 

New England granite a geothermal hotbed?

We need to expand the popular concept of geothermal power. Really, it's not just about geysers spurting water and steam, Old Faithful-like, high into the air.

Philly Eagles go for clean energy sack

We've certainly seen sports leagues play ball with solar power before, but a stadium design recently unveiled by the Philadelphia Eagles is promising to score a clean energy touchdown to top all others.

Pentagon eyes "cyber secure" microgrid

The Pentagon is reportedly eyeing the creation of a "cyber secure" microgrid that will tap energy from public generators, alongside alternative and renewable energy sources.

Fusion reactor gets EU go-ahead

The Iter fusion reactor has got the go-ahead for completion after the EU agreed additional funds.

Electric vehicle offers powerful acceleration

The Tecnalia Technological Corporation has built a totally electric car that can reach 140 kilometers per hour in 10 seconds.

Apple vs. Gizmodo: Was the 1984 ad a prediction of the Apple to come?

There are times I admire Apple and there are times when I wonder if the folks there have lost their collective minds.

Sony upgrades PS3 with 40nm RSX graphics chip

Sony has upgraded its Playstation 3 console with a 40nm RSX graphics chip.

Why Israel banned the iPad

The State of Israel has officially banned Apple's "magical" iPad from entering the country. But why?

Freescale lowers cost of eReaders with new SoC

Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled an advanced system-on-chip (SoC) that is expected to help significantly lower the cost of next-generation eReaders.