Intel trash-talks ARM on mobile

ARM currently dominates the lucrative mobile market (smartphones and tablets) with its low-power sipping RISC chips. And Intel?

Nuclear fusion power inches forward

Researchers at the University of Tennessee have successfully developed a key technology related to an experimental fusion reactor.

Greenpeace sticks to its guns over iCloud report

Apple's fighting back against claims that its newest data-center is a coal-guzzling blight on the planet - but Greenpeace isn't convinced.

'Nanoforest' turns water to hydrogen fuel

University of California, San Diego electrical engineers are building a forest of tiny nanowire trees in order to capture solar energy and harvest it for hydrogen fuel generation.

Space bugs offer new source of power

Bacteria normally found 30km above the earth have been found to be  efficient generators of electricity.

DOE hub gets $120M to build a better battery

So, increasingly, we've got this whole renewable energy thing going on. But integrating all that new solar and wind power into the power grid remains a challenge. 

CERN boosts LHC power in hunt for Higgs boson

CERN has announced that it plans to boost the energy of the large Hadron Collider (LHC) this year, with the aim of gathering as much data as possible before it goes into a planned shutdown.

Will Intel be inside your next smartphone?

The first Intel-powered x86 (Medfield) smartphone will be hitting the hyper-competitive mobile market in China this summer - courtesy of Lenovo. 

Hydrogen and Alane, the new power couple

Hydrogen - the ever-illusive solution to our energy problems. 

Cyborg cockroaches power tiny fuel cells

Case Western Reserve University scientists say they've taken a big step towards the creation of insect cyborgs by discovering how an insect’s internal chemicals can be converted to electricity.

Yes, MIT economists can be wrong about cars

MIT economist Christopher Knittel recently published a report analyzing the fuel economy of vehicles on the streets in 2006.

Putting fuel cell cost on the chopping block

Hydrogen fuel cells can provide power to off-grid areas, power vehicles and even generate baseload power for the electric grid. 

They are also silent and emissions-free.

Team cuts smartphone power usage

Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have designed a network proxy that they say can cut the power consumption of 3G smartphones by up to three quarters.

Japanese supercomputer is still world's most powerful

Japan’s K Computer has hung onto its position as the world's nmost powerful supercomputer, thanks to a full build-out that makes it four times as powerful as its nearest competitor.

Nvidia eyes an exascale supercomputing paradigm

Simulations powered by petaflop-capable HPC systems help scientists and policy-makers improve their understanding of a wide range of topics.

World’s largest fusion experiment restarts after upgrade

Last Friday, the JET fusion power project went back into operation after the installation of the 'ITER-Like Wall'.

Devices powered by taking a walk

Two engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a new energy-harvesting technology that they say can power a cellphone simply through walking.

Robot astronaut powered up for first time in space

The first robot member of the International Space Station crew woke up yesterday, six months after its arrival.

Wireless power cuts cord for heart pump patients

Researchers at the University of Washington and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have developed a way of powering heart pumps wirelessly.

Cable boxes and DVRs use more power than your fridge

You've probably never stopped to consider just how much power your set-top box is consuming.