NASA laptop stuffed full of porn

A Chinese man who was suspected of spying on NASA was pulled off a plane with a stolen laptop.  But instead of the expected state secrets, the laptop was packed full of porn.

China wants to appoint a porn Czar

An alliance of Chinese internet companies is looking to clean up its act and it wants to enlist the help of a porn specialist. The appraiser will be tasked with reviewing websites, looking for pornographic content, then rating and managing the blue sites.

Vatican fingered in porn trace

The Vatican is the only country on the planet with zero live births. However that doesn’t mean that the residents of this tiny city state, which was granted independence by Benito Mussolini in 1929, do not indulge in sexually explicit shenanigans. 

Blackberry broadcasts your porn preferences

It looks like Blackberry 10 ships with a feature that tells your contacts about the porn you are watching.

Europe votes for internet pornography

The EU has changed its mind about trying to ban internet porn.

Pr0n surfers saved by West Virginia judge

Imagine having your pr0n surfing habits publicly outed by a federal judge. Well, to the shock and horror of nearly 5,400 people, that nightmare almost became a reality.

American scientists just can't get enough porn

It seems as if scientists working for the Almighty Federal Government just can't get enough porn to satisfy their chronic smut addictions.

iPad stealthware spotted in the wild

A stealthware app that is reportedly capable of silently monitoring activity on jailbroken Apple iPads has been released into the wild.