Asian ozone pollution in Hawaii tied to climate variability

Air pollution from Asia has been rising for several decades but Hawaii had seemed to escape the ozone pollution that drifts east with the springtime winds. Now a team of researchers has found that shifts in atmospheric circulation explain the trends in Hawaiian ozone pollution.

Tracking fracking pollution

As a result of the fracking revolution, North America has overtaken Saudi Arabia as the world's largest producer of oil and gas. This, despite endless protests from environmentalists. But does drilling for natural gas really cause pollution levels to skyrocket?

The lingering clouds

– A new study reveals how pollution causes thunderstorms to leave behind larger, deeper, longer lasting clouds. Appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences November 26, the results solve a long-standing debate and reveal how pollution plays into climate warming. The work can also provide a gauge for the accuracy of weather and climate models.

This building helps fight pollution

As beautiful as Utah is, it has a serious pollution problem, particularly in the winter when emissions from power plants and cars and the full range of human activities conspire with Mother Nature – the weather and the unique topography of the Salt Lake City area – to trap air in the Salt Lake Valley.

Red cedar tree study shows that Clean Air Act is reducing pollution, improving forests

A collaborative project involving a Kansas State University ecologist has shown that the Clean Air Act has helped forest systems recover from decades of sulfur pollution and acid rain.

Airborne campaign preps pollution-climate link probe

The floor of a NASA hangar and an adjacent laboratory in Southern California's high desert have been in constant motion this month as scientists prepare their instruments for installation on two of the agency's specialized science aircraft that will begin a major NASA airborne science campaign in early August.

This UK tower could harvest pollution as fuel

Living in a genuine big city for the first time, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty and significance of a skyline.

Reducing pollution in cities with electric cars

One thing we’ve come to expect with the rise of electric vehicles is that pollution levels in areas where these are driven will drop, even if just slightly.

Report: Pollution can actually cause global cooling

Scientists at the University of Manchester says that natural emissions and manmade pollutants may have an unexpected cooling effect on the world's climate by making clouds brighter.

Raspberry Pi powers a pollution monitoring system

Nonprofit org uses Raspberry Pi and additional open-source components to monitor air pollution.

Laundry additive removes air pollution

In as little as two years, your clothes could be purging the air around you of harmful nitrogen dioxide, thanks to a new laundry additive.

US government 'has pollution costs wrong'

The federal government is significantly underestimating the costs of carbon pollution because it's using a faulty analytical model, say scientists from the Natural Resources Defense Council and the University of Cambridge.

Garbage-eating drone destroys ocean pollution

Drones have been a hot topic in the media lately. Whether they’re for surveillance or combat, the idea of drones patrolling our airspace is one that’s not taken lightly by the public.

Pollution in thunderclouds increases global warming

Pollution is leading thunderstorm clouds to capture heat, increasing global warming in a way that climate models have failed to take into account.

Eastern US avoiding climate change

Particulate pollution over the eastern United States, dating from the late 20th century, has caused a colder patch where global warming has been held back.

Gasoline worse than diesel for major air pollutant

To their surprise, scientists have found that gasoline vehicles, rather than diesel, and contributing more to a major type of air pollution.

Air pollution leads to more extreme weather

Scientists say they've found the first clear evidence of the way increases in air pollution are affecting climate and weather - and the results don't look good.

Apple slammed over Chinese pollution

Apple's come under fire from an environmental group over dangerous levels of pollution claimed to be coming from its suppliers' factories in China.

Polluted Russian city wants 'positive' Google search results

Russian city Chelyabinsk - widely known as the most polluted in the country - is using taxpayers' money for a search engine optimisation project aimed at cleaning up its image (though not the city itself).

NASA flyovers to measure pollution in major cities

NASA has confirmed plans to conduct extensive flyovers over Maryland next week as part of an initiative to study air pollution in major cities.