Americans cool on global warming action

Public support in the US for government action on climate change has fallen over the last two years, thanks to political rhetoric and a bit of cold weather.

Almost nobody wants Facebook Timeline

Only one in twelve Facebook users is in favor of the company's Timeline feature, shortly to become compulsory for all.

Europeans more worried about climate change than economic crisis

Climate skeptics are a dying breed in Europe, a new poll shows, with two out of three people seeing climate change as a very serious problem.

New AI system increases the reliability of opinion polls

Scientists have figured out a way to use an artificial intelligence-based system to make the results of opinion polls more reliable.

Woman polls Facebook to choose baby's name

Would you name your baby Sadira-Sagitarius? Or Fabby Licious? Probably not. But you can saddle an unsuspecting, indeed, unborn Canadian girl with one of these unfortunate monikers if you like.

Are hardcore gamers celibate geeks?

An (admittedly) unscientific poll conducted by GameFaqs proves what most of us already know: hardcore gamers are celibate geeks leading a lonely lifestyle.

Consumers snub Apple iPad in new poll

Would you buy a first-generation Apple iPad that refuses to offer support for either Flash or multitasking? No? Well, you are not alone.