FourSquare to show full names and share more data with businesses

FourSquare is making changes to its privacy policy - and, unlike, say Instagram, has actually made them simple to understand. From January 28, users' full names will be displayed, and businesses given more customer data by default.

Facebook wants to scrap user votes on policy changes

Sometime today, if you're a Facebook user, you'll get an email from the company asking you to vote away your right to vote on the company's governance.

EU slams Google data protection practices

EU regulators have, as expected, asked Google to reverse changes it made earlier this year to its privacy policy.

As IPO looms, Facebook changes privacy policy again

Facebook's updating its data use policy yet again, in an attempt to satisfy the Irish data protection authority - and potential shareholders.

Twitter puts patents in hands of engineers

Twitter's seized the moral high ground by giving control of its patents to its staff, and promising never to become a patent troll.

EPIC sues FTC over Google privacy changes

The Electronic Privacy and Information Center has launched a lawsuit against the US Federal Trade Commission, aiming to force it to stop Google going through with its planned changes to its privacy policy.

Google consolidates user data with new privacy policy

Google's launching a new privacy policy, bringing together all the information it holds on individual users into a single place.

OnStar reverses controversial tracking policy

After heavy pressure, OnStar has reversed its policy on GPS tracking and says it will no longer track ex-subscribers to its navigation and support system.

Apple alters in-app purchasing policy to protect parents' wallets

After a number of high-profile cases in which children have run up massive bills through in-app purchases, Apple is reportedly tweaking its purchasing policy to help parents stay in control.

Republicans must think knowledge grows on trees

I have long believed that the USA is a profoundly anti-intellectual country, in spite of America’s (paradoxical) belief in its technological and intellectual superiority over the rest of the world.

EU sets tighter data protection rules

Facebook and Google are to be forced to ask users' permission before downloading personal data under new EU privacy rules expected to be announced today.