Man who pulled gun during chess game surrenders to robot cop

Lulzsec hackers go down

Three members of the hacktivist group LulzSec have been sentenced to 24-30 months in a UK jail.

EV's to patrol Chinese city

Are electric vehicles ready for prime time for law enforcement?

San Diego counter-terrorism summit preps for zombie hoard

Yes, The Walking Dead may be all the rage among genre fans, but as we all know, the CDC recently reiterated that there is currently no known virus capable of causing zombie-like symptoms or outbreaks.

Video: Unlocked router prompts SWAT raid

It seems as if an unlocked router was responsible for sparking a recent SWAT raid in Evansville, Indiana.

Video: BAE showcases liquid body armor

Body armor currently worn by police officers and military personnel tends to be made from Kevlar in multiple layers, with integrated metal or ceramic plates for additional protection.

Video: iRobot goes to war

iRobot has released a video showcasing the military capabilities of its 110 FirstLook robot.

Ransomware poses as police, demands fine

Microsoft's warning users about a new scam in which hackers pose as law enforcement officials and demand payment of a fine.

California to allow warrantless phone searches

California governor Jerry Brown has vetoed legislation that would have banned police from searching suspects' phones and even PCs without a warrant.

AntiSec posts stolen police data

AntiSec hackers say they've released a 10GB file of data - their largest yet - lifted from US law enforcement agencies in retaliation for recent hacking-related arrests.

Dude, where's my stolen MacBook?

Smile! You’re on hidden camera. When one laptop owner found his computer missing, he activated remote monitoring software to snap a picture of the thief which ultimately led to the criminal’s capture.

Who needs the cops when you've got Twitter instead?

An Oakland man whose laptop was stolen in March has finally got it back - courtesy of Twitter.

Facebook uses image-matching to remove child porn

Facebook is using image-matching software PhotoDNA to try and detect child pornography online.

Satnav maker gives data to police

Europe's largest satnav manufacturer, TomTom, has apologized to customers after admitting it sold driver data to the cops.

Gamers think they're better drivers - but they're not

Video gamers make rubbish drivers, according to a study by Continental Tyres - though they think they're the bee's knees.

NJ Cops blasted in case of "Salsich Thief"

On the docks of Bayonne where mobsters run the city, New Jersey police are investing a series of crimes in an investigation they call Operation Missing Link. No, they’re not investigating a murder, or even a large-scale burglary, but rather a simple crime, committed in the heat of passion.

Police use of drones in U.S. likely to start privacy debate

Law enforcement in the United States has been quietly using aerial drones in a domestic capacity. The Texas Department of Public Safety has deployed them more than any other local or state agency.

Cops on steroids becoming a big problem

A badge, a gun, and a steroid-filled syringe. 

Emergency? Quick - Text 911!

That's the kind of exclamation you may start hearing in the future, as the Federal Communications Commission is now figuring out a way to let people send text messages to 911.

British bobbies trained to use Twitter

British police are being taught how to track criminals from the comfort of their own desks, using Facebook and Twitter.